The Circle of Willis

Yes, an alien made out of arteries.

Quick Notes of Explanation:


  • anterior cerebral - brain

  • anterior communicating - alien antenna

  • opthalmic - eye

  • internal carotid - heart (in place of nose)

  • anterior choroidal - ears (listening to chorus)

  • posterior communicating - mouth

  • posterior cerebral - involves cerebrum so learning and school books

  • superior cerebellar - cerebellum involved in balance so a cane 

  • pontine - pointy, located kind of as ribs

  • basillar - like a basil plant or something, the vis!

  • anterior inferior cerebellar - lower so maybe a tutu because again cerebellum involved in balance so maybe dance

  • vertebra and anterior spinal - squares representing vertebra, sorry ran out of ideas

  • posterior inferior cerebellar - again balance so put shoes on cause walking requires balance too

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