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Okay, you've already seen pictures, songs and stories.  What's next?  Read on for a few more fun ways to study.

Mini Study Books

Take your notebook to the next level and add in a mini study notebook.  No, this is not redundant.  A mini study notebook is kind of like a last minute cheat sheet.  When you study, you organize information in a way that is more meaningful to you than when you are furiously scribbling down notes in class.  Then, you cut up some blank paper to make little notebooks with this nice, tidy information in it.  If you are a logical thinker this might be a good practice for you.  The notebooks shown here were attached with magnets to the inside cover of the notebook I used in class.  They were a life-saver for my final exam!












Personalized Textbooks

​Have you ever ordered a textbook online, only to find out it is a not-for-resale version that shouldn't have been sold to you in the first place?  And it's not usually subtle either, there's generally a huge band of text across the cover screaming at you that it's an INTERNATIONAL edition or something.  There's a perfect solution for that.  It's called go to IKEA, get some cheap fabric and make your textbook awesomer than it would have been anyways.  I loved how my textbook turned out and, yes for some reason it made me want to actually use it!

Within Text Flashcards

When your prof hints at a potential exam question, you typically make a note of it somewhere on your lecture notes.  What if you made it into a flashcard?  This way, everytime you go through your notes you can quiz yourself instead of passively reading.























Vandalized Textbooks

Own your textbook.  There's something very liberating about highlighting, underlining, and scribbling in textbook margins.  Even more fun is drawing stories in the margins!

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