Pathology Points

Here's a chart of acupuncture points for different TCM pathologies.  If you're in my OMND class this quarter check back after we finish each set of new organ system pathologies as I will be updating it each time.  There are pathologies for all organ systems for this quarter already on the document but I've noticed a few differences between this quarter's notes and the ones I used to create it.  Thus, the ongoing updates.  Also, the chart includes points from the main meridians but I didn't note in "local points" or "ying spring" points etc.  


Click on the chart to download a pdf version.

Latest update: heart and small intestine pathology (bolded are points from lecture examples.

Useful Study Strategies:

Knowing the back shu points, ying spring points, influential points etc is really valuable in understanding what points might be good for a particular pathology.  It makes it a lot easier to learn the sets of points used for a condition or to recognize if a point makes sense for that condition when you get a point on your exam that wasn't in your notes.

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