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A small summary I used as a brief refresher of bacteria and parasites the day before I wrote NPLEX I.

Don't let the major histocompatibility dilemma get to you.  It's not as complicated as it seems.

a.k.a. We Will Rock You vs. I Will Survive


Okay, time for some fun! Imagine there's a pathogen, and the body's immune system is saying "We Will Rock You" and the pathogen is like nope! "I Will Survive" So what happens next is a big fight between the body and the pathogen.

and small does not mean unimportant.

a.k.a. How rioting glue bottles caused incredible cellular damage.


Preposterous, I know.  But what about when your prof gives you the three complement pathways to know step by step?  Preposterous, I know.  So let me tell you a little story to help you remember how this thing works.

Hurray for complement!  Has this ever happened to you:  you're thirty minutes into the third lecture your prof has mentioned the complement system and it's only then that you realize you don't actually know what complement is?  Well it's a good time to figure out exactly what all complement is capable of doing, since these proteins are bound to come up in more than one lecture.

Run away with the immunoglobulin zoo!  If you don't want to use these to study, you could use them for storytime when you're babysitting, or even frame them and put them up in a nursery!  For more non-study ideas for how to use these images, contact me!  Enough. These are for studying, now get to work.

For cross-reactivity, my friend and I had five points in our notes. We took each one and made a picture to help us remember. Enjoy!

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