First Quarter Homeopathy Study Guide

About to embark on your first course in homeopathy?  Don't be intimidated!  It's tough but with a little organization and imagery you can make your life a lot easier.  

This study guide includes characteristics by category for each remedy I had to learn in my first quarter of homeopathy (they're also on the NPLEX II Blueprint) as well as comparison charts to help you see similar characteristics of different remedies side by side.  I threw in the occasional image when a remedy seemed to fit it all too well.  I had a lot of fun doing that but started doing it later in the quarter so I have images for just a few of them.  If you have any ideas of images you think are fitting for a particular remedy please use the Contact form to let me know and I will add them in as soon as I have time for a drawing break!  I decided I'd rather post it now instead of waiting until I finished images for all of them because I know you guys are about to start the quarter :)  


Take this guide and add in your own notes, I hope you find it useful!  When you hit your next quarter of homeopathy check back and I will have another guide posted.

Second Quarter Homeopathy Study Guide

Not real pretty but might still be useful, includes modality comparison charts etc. 

Updated: Dec 16, 2016 with changes to Aconitum Cal carb, Cal phos, Chamomilla, Cina 

Third Quarter Homeopathy Study Guide

These are once again pretty minimalistic but I will soon have a complete version up with all the remedies together in one document :)  Working on that NPLEX II summary!

Last update: June 25, 2017 with Hepar sulph

Fourth Quarter Homeopathy Study Guide

Quarter four!  I am working on a complete version for NPLEX II review purposes.  For the most updated content please refer to that version!

Last update: June 25, 2017

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