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Lyrics rewritten for studying

Stories for complex pathways

Pictures to make concepts alive


Here are some basic rules for using this site:

  1. Exclamation marks are used liberally so be forewarned.

  2. Love it or leave. (just kidding, do whatever you want)

  3. Always use it in conjunction with your own notes.


The idea behind this site is to help you upgrade your study style.  Chances are, you’re going to be in school for a while.  If you’re like me, you’re probably going to be in school forever!  So since your free time is limited, it’s going to pay off if you learn a few strategies for making your studying fun!  Yes, I used studying and fun in the same sentence.  What if it was fun to study?  Then you would be having fun most of the time!  


Use this stuff to inspire your own creations!


About Me:


Hi! I’m a perpetual student who actually has fun studying. The whole idea of creating pictures and stories is that they make studying more fun – and they make writing exams way more fun. The pictures help me to remember what I’m supposed to know about a topic, and the story behind the pictures helps me to explain the concept. Rewriting song lyrics is also a lot of fun. Warning – the songs on this site may not work out perfectly as far as preserving rhythm, sometimes you have to stretch it a bit to fit in awkward words like “hematopoiesis”. But they’re still fun anyways. You know when you get these annoying songs stuck in your head? Use that to your advantage and get your notes stuck in your head.  


And a special thank you to my friend who helped with some of the pictures.  We had lots of fun stealing whiteboard space around campus!


Yours truly,

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